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AppDirect Billing Service gives you access to all the powerful functionality that drives the sales of more than 800 products serving 150,000 customers worldwide, in 120 countries. This same platform powers the marketplaces of Fortune 500 companies including Comcast, IBM, AT&T, and Deutsche Telekom. With our simple and elegant APIs you can power your own sales with all the functionality that has been enabling the AppDirect Network for years.

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  • quickly integrate AppDirect Billing Services with your own website. When your customers are on your website and ready to buy, leverage the power of our pricing configuration, the security of our payment collection, and the ease of managing your checkout with our redirect solution. With AppDirect's Hosted Checkout or Billing Service APIs, seamlessly redirect them to AppDirect's white label services to manage their orders, subscriptions and payments for you, and send them back to your website when done. 
  • price your products with unlimited flexibility and ease as you respond to your market's demands.  AppDirect's pricing structures support hundreds of products with thousands of potential configurations. Create recurring billing, free plans, one time purchases, price per units, metered usage, discounts, setup fees, tiered pricing, contracts, and much more.
  • distribute your products to millions of business users who are interested in deploying your SaaS applications. Plug your products into the instant power of the AppDirect Network with its on-demand delivery and automated services, including billing and user management. And, to reach the masses, make your products available to our channel partners for use in their branded application marketplaces. The AppDirect Network gives you the potential to reach millions and do it fast.

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Developer Service Choices

Information about all of these services and options are in this guide.

  1. AppDirect Billing Services only - Integrate AppDirect Billing Services with your website via one of two options (see details later in this section): 1) AppDirect Hosted Checkout, or 2) AppDirect Billing Services APIs.

  2. AppDirect Network Distribution only - Publish your product to the AppDirect Network to distribute it via AppDirect Channel Partners.

  3. Implement both billing services and network distribution.

Pricing Plan Management - Regardless of the services you choose to use, you will configure your products, pricing and editions, and publish them for use with your Billing Services and/or Network distribution. You can configure your products with recurring billing, free and trial plans, one-time purchases, price per unit, metered usage, setup fees, tiered pricing, contracts, and more. Learn more about it in the Edition Creation Guide. 

Configure AppDirect Billing Services

If you choose to implement AppDirect Billing Services, you have two options:

Billing Option 1: Configure Hosted Checkout

Direct Integration is made easy with the AppDirect Hosted checkout. Walk through the AppDirect screens to configure this white-label ordering, payment and subscription management solution for your website.

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Billing Option 2: Implement Billing Service APIs

If you want more control over the look and feel of your checkout experience but still want it hosted on your own website, you can leverage our APIs to manage all of your businesses payment processing and subscription management. 

Get Started with the Billing APIs

Configure AppDirect Network Distribution

For information about configuring AppDirect Network Distribution, refer to the Distribution Getting Started Guide.