Edit add-on descriptions

Complete the following procedure to define a marketplace description for an add-on product and provide links to supporting documentation.

To edit an add-on description

Step 1. Go to Live Products > {productName} | Edit. The Product Dashboard page for the add-on opens.

Step 2. Click Connections & Pricing | Description. The Manage Description page opens. It displays the name of the selected add-on product.

Step 3. Complete or edit the following fields:

  • Add-on Name—Primary label for the add-on. When the add-on product is published and connected to a parent product, the Add-on Name appears on the Product Details page on the Editions & Pricing tab.
  • Brief Overview—Brief description of the add-on. The details entered and saved in this field are stored for the add-on, but they are not displayed for users anywhere in the user interface (UI).
  • Link to Privacy Policy—URL that links to the privacy policy for this add-on.
  • Link to Terms and Conditions—URL that links to the terms and conditions of service for this add-on.

A Terms of Service, Privacy and Refund policies link on the Confirm Order page in the checkout flow takes customers to the above links. Customers must agree to them before they can complete the purchase.

Step 3. Click Save. You can also click Save and Preview to see how the add-on information configured on this page displays on a marketplace.