Distribution Getting Started Guide

AppDirect distributes web-based applications and other products via the AppDirect Network. When you plug your application into our network, you get the instant power of AppDirect’s on-demand delivery and automated services, including billing and user management. But that’s just the beginning. Your application also becomes available to our channel partners for use in their branded application marketplaces. This means you have the potential to reach millions of business users interested in deploying your SaaS application. And with AppDirect, you can reach them fast.

Technical Features

  • Single sign-on via OpenID
  • Real-time subscription and access management via simple RESTful APIs
  • Orders, invoices, and payments handled by AppDirect. No billing engine integration is necessary.

Requirements for Integration

Integrating a multi-user web application sold on a subscription model into the AppDirect Network requires supporting OpenID for single sign-on and implementing a set of subscription management API and access management API endpoints. Businesses with single-user applications or downloadable apps may only need to implement a subset of these endpoints to be listed. Please contact us at developer@appdirect.com to discuss options.