Understand progress bars

On the product dashboard page, there are two kinds of progress bars. You can use them to monitor your progress towards completing the minimum product setup for distribution.

  • Overall Marketplace Distribution progress bars—As you complete the setup tasks for distribution, in the upper boxes there are two Marketplace Distribution bars that display your progress (they present the same information in two forms). When tasks 1, 2 and 3 are complete, they display 100%.

When you create a product, 7% of the minimum distribution setup is complete, so the Marketplace Distribution progress bars always display at least 7% complete.
  • Task progress bars—As you complete the minimum setup required for tasks 1, 2, and 3, these bars display your progress for each task.

The progress bar for Task 1 always displays 100% complete because when you create a product, 100% of the minimum Editions and Pricing setup is complete. However, you must confirm that the default configuration meets your requirements. See Task 1 - Create Editions and Pricing.
The progress bar for Task 3 always displays at least 33% complete because when you create a product, 33% of the minimum Marketing Profile setup is complete.