Bookmark authentication

Bookmark authentication is used for developers who want enable quick proof-of-concept or testing of product integrations. In some cases it can also be used to enable the rapid launch on the MyApps page of applications that do not support single sign-on.

Note:  Applications distributed through the AppDirect Network Catalog require OpenID Connect, OpenID 2.0 or SAML for single sign-on.  Bookmark authentication is not allowed for these product integrations.

When Bookmark is selected as the authentication method, developers are required to configure a URL to be associated with their MyApps tile.  When a user subsequently clicks on this tile from the MyApps page they are redirected to the URL defined in the product profile.  

To configure bookmark authentication

Step 1. Go to Live > Products > {productName} | Edit > Integration | Edit Authentication. The Edit Authentication page opens.  

Step 2. In the Single Sign-On pane, select Bookmark from the dropdown list.

Step 3. Enter the Landing URL. This is the URL to which the user is redirected when they click on the MyApps tile.

Step 4. Click Save. The Bookmark authentication protocol is saved.