Marketplace Manager

Marketplace Manager is both the user interface (UI) used to populate and manage an AppDirect-powered marketplace and the user responsible for doing so. Users must be assigned the Marketplace Manager role to access any of the Marketplace Manager functionality.

Marketplace Manager includes dashboards, reports, logs, analytics, and other tools that help you understand and define the relationships between your marketplace and its users, including resellers, developers, and consumers.

Marketplace Manager is accessed from the top navigation pane after you log in as a Marketplace Manager. It contains three links—Dashboard, Products, and Settings.

Click any of these links to display a page that organizes related features on a series of pages accessible from the left navigation pane. The following image shows the first three options (Overview, Users, and Companies) organized under the Home heading in the left navigation pane.

This section organizes its contents by mimicking the UI layout: 

  • The three main sections following this overview are Dashboard, Products, and Settings.
  • The topics in each of these sections replicate the options contained in the left navigation pane that appears after clicking one of the three main links.